Our Role and Compensation

Regarding the Inland Marine transaction, Chick‐fil‐A has selected Markel American Insurance Company for this insurance program. Alternative insurance products may be available in the insurance market place. We, Marsh Sponsored Programs, a division of Marsh USA Inc. (Marsh), are providing this single insurer option on behalf of Chick‐fil‐A.

In accordance with industry custom, we are compensated through commissions that are calculated as a percentage of the insurance premiums charged by insurers. We may also receive additional monetary and nonmonetary compensation from insurers, or from other insurance intermediaries, which may be contingent upon volume, profitability, or other factors. This compensation may include payment from insurers for marketing related expenses or investments in technology. Our compensation may vary depending on the type of insurance purchased and the insurer selected. In this transaction, Marsh is paid a standard commission of 25% of the insurance premium for this placement. Where permitted by law, we may also earn and retain interest income on premiums held by Marsh on behalf of insurers during the period between receipt of such payments from clients and the time such payments are remitted to the applicable insurer.

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. and its subsidiaries which include Marsh Sponsored Programs, a division of Marsh USA Inc. (Marsh), own equity interests in certain insurers and wholesale brokers. Information regarding such interests is available at http://global.marsh.com/about/Transparency.php.

Regarding the Workers’ Compensation and General Liability transactions, Marsh is acting as an administrator for The Chicken Coop for this type of coverage and not as your insurance broker.